Ismail and Cheryl Interviewed on TV Confidential Radio Show

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Cheryl and Ed RobertsonIsmail and Cheryl were recently interviewed by host Ed Robertson on TV Confidential, a two-hour radio talk show about all aspects of television.

The interview, which runs about 25 minutes, begins toward the end of the first hour, after Ed’s interview with actress Joan Benedict Steiger, and carries over into the second hour.

During their interview, Ismail and Cheryl talk about the initial progression of Ismail’s ALS symptoms and how they each reacted to learning Ismail’s diagnosis. Cheryl explains how Ismail communicates with eye blink and about some of the other communication technology available on today’s market and some that is currently under development. Also mentioned are Ismail’s favorite television shows and movies.

Friendships lost because of ALS, as well as loyal friends like Phil Gries and his wife Jane, who have continued to give Ismail and Cheryl support over the years, are also discussed. Phil, a special friend who has been like a brother to Ismail since 1962, wrote a moving Foreword for Ismail’s and Cheryl’s book One Blink at a Time.

The interview also includes an inspiring discussion about the couple’s love and commitment to one another “for better or for worse,” which has kept the two of them going for the 30 years they have been living with ALS, and about Ismail’s positive philosophy of life and his ability to laugh and enjoy life every day, despite his total paralysis.

At the end of the interview, Ismail spells out with eye blink a special message to Ed and his radio listeners.

“Ed is a superb radio host,” Cheryl says. “He asked us excellent questions and made us feel comfortable. We had a great time.”

“Cheryl and I are grateful to Ed Robertson for having us as guests on his excellent radio show,” Ismail says. “We appreciated the opportunity to share our story with Ed’s audience.”

TV Confidential airs weekly on a number of radio stations across the nation to an audience that encompasses listeners from all parts of the world, including many who work in the film, radio and television industries.

To listen to a recording of the interview, click here.  Be patient.  It takes a while for it to download.

The entire two-hour program is interesting and entertaining, and we think you will enjoy listening to all of it.  However, if you want to go directly to the beginning of Ismail’s and Cheryl’s interview, drag the pointer on the sound bar toward the center of the bar.