Ventura County Star Article, Photos, and Video Feature Ismail’s Story and Walk Hero Award

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Ventura County StarMany thanks to writer Alicia Doyle and photographer Chuck Kirman for the excellent article, photo gallery, and video published online and in the October 27 issue of the Ventura County Star newspaper. The article announces that Ismail will be co-honoree of the Walk Hero Award at the 14th Annual Ventura/Santa Barbara County Walk to Defeat ALS on Sunday at Plaza Park in Ventura, CA. It also shares the story of how Ismail, who has survived ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for more than 30 years and is unable to talk, eat, move, or breathe without the help of a ventilator, has continued to live a happy and productive life, producing videos and co-writing a book, One Blink at a Time, by spelling out each letter of each word with eye blink.

Jessica Partida, regional director of community outreach for the ALS Association’s Golden West Chapter, explains that as award co-honoree, Ismail is celebrated for his “extraordinary determination” and efforts in the areas of advocacy, fundraising, and public awareness while living with ALS.

The article, photos, and video can be accessed at the link below.